Western New York Heritage

Buffalo Live Stock Exchange Building: Then & Now

Home of the East Buffalo Live Stock Exchange Company, in 1901, at 1167 William Street, directly across from the New York Central Stock Yards. This building, designed by Louise Blanchard Bethune, was constructed in 1892, two years after the exchange was incorporated to facilitate livestock brokerage in Buffalo. Access to the livestock yards was made convenient by the bridge visible above which crossed William Street.

The livestock market in Buffalo at the beginning of the 20th century was the second largest facility in the United States (behind Chicago). The stockyards could accommodate 10,000 head of cattle, 30,000 sheep, 30,000 hogs, and horses. Some of the livestock received by rail in Buffalo was purchased locally by meat packers; the rest were shipped to markets farther east.

The same location in 2003, now occupied by the Buffalo Postal Community Federal Credit Union. The former livestock yards across the street are now the site of the main Buffalo Post Office facility.