Western New York Heritage

Fall 2017

Volume 20, Number 3

  • 20th Anniversary Flashback, Pat II: Architecture,... (Douglas W. DeCroix)
  • Metamorphosis of a War Criminal: Bell's Rocket Genius (Jacek A. Wysocki)
  • Before There Were Butter Lambs: The Origins of the Broadway Market (Amber Gray)
  • Philanthropist's Legacy Celebrates 50 Years: A Gift to the Lockport Community That Became its Cultural Heart (Rikki Cason and Elaine Harrigan)
  • The Hamburg Native Who Knew Too Much (Dennis Jewell)
  • The Little Brewery That Could (John P. Eiss, research by Dave Mik and the author)
  • Old Photo Album: Walter Dornberger's Rocket Airliner (Douglas W. DeCroix)
  • Endnotes: Batavia's "Car of the Future" (David Neth)
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