Western New York Heritage

Winter 2010

Volume 12, Number 4

  • "Old Probabilities" Albert Myer and the U.S. Weather Bureau (Bob Gilbert) 
  • Painless Dentistry Pioneer: Ralph Britton Waite (Alan V. Manchester) 
  • Colonel Cyrenius Chapin: The Brave Soldier, The Good Citizen, The Honest Man (C. Douglas Kohler) 
  • Aesthetic Industry: The Buffalo Stained Glass Works (Gregory L. Witul) 
  • Old Photo Album: High School Sports in the Roaring Twenties 
  • Historian's Notebook: Admiral Byrd's Snow Cruiser (John W. Percy) 
  • Remembering Buki (Douglas W. DeCroix)
  • Another Look: Buehl's Block (Clarence C. Picard)
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