Western New York Heritage

Winter 2012

Volume 14, Number 4

  • The Road to Camp Sumter: Wilson's Ira S. Pettit (Douglas W. DeCroix)
  • Frontier Justice: Lawyers Come West (Jacek A. Wysocki)
  • Lackawanna Steel and the Battleship Maine (Jerry Soltis)
  • Ambush at Devil's Hole: Massacre or Job Action? (Stephen L. Cocca)
  • The Music Man and his Dancing Queen (Matthew Biddle)
  • Old Photo Album: Buffalo's Electric Tower celebrates its hundredth anniversary (Matthew Biddle)
  • Another Look: Storm clouds over St.Adalbert's Basilica (Douglas W. DeCroix)
  • Endnotes: Creating a Legacy with Painting for Preservation (Matthew Biddle)
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