Western New York Heritage

Automobile Parade: July 7, 1900

Start of parade in front of the Genesee Hotel (entrance visible at left). Buffalo Savings Bank visible beyond up Genesee Street).

The Buffalo Automobile Club is pictured here in its first "run," an impromptu afternoon parade that did not include all the members. Various types of engines and makes were featured, including Mr. Thomas in one of his automobiles. The Thomas Motor Car Company was a new concern and rumor had it that he was to take over the old Kensington bicycle plant for the manufacture of "autocycles.".

The parade traveled to the Buffalo Yacht Club at the foot of Porter Avenue where "a short stop was made for light refreshments," and then continued through the Front, Massachusetts and Richmond Avenues and then to Delaware Park where they made their final stop at the Otowaga club.

The Club promised a series of such "runs" during the course of the summer of 1900 and assured the local papers that there would be 200 automobiles in line for the next parade...

Location of the photographed scene from a 1902 panoramic map in the Library of Congress.