Western New York Heritage

Buffalo's Backyard Wilderness


By: Bruce Kershner

This is the late author Bruce Kershner's years-long detailed study of the 280-acre preserve donated to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation by Dr. Victor Reinstein and his wife, Julia Boyer Reinstein.

She said in 1993, "The Reinstein Woods is a natural and scenic treasure. Bruce's book documents the unique and irreplaceable forest that Victor and I love so much and have made such effort to protect since the 1930s. The study describes everything that grows in the Preserve, and predicts how it will change in the future."

The oversize paperback is 165 pages of maps, photos, charts and narration that also describes the natural history of a piece of land that became an island of unspoiled beauty as the surrounding area developed into suburbs.

This publication would be of great interest to historians as well as naturalists. Bruce Kershner's text is enjoyably readable for the lay person.

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