Western New York Heritage

Borst-Damon Company: Republic Trucks - 1170 Main Street c.1917

The Borst-Damon Company were dealers in Republic Trucks and published this booklet in 1917 as an advertisement for Republic Truck reliability and Borst-Damon's service. The booklet is a compilation of photos of Buffalo companies that own Republic Trucks from Borst-Damon and their accompanying testimonials to the trucks' ability to carry loads without breaking down.

Owner Joseph B. Mang, a dealer in coal and wood, carting and moving services, located at 35 Mang Avenue in Kenmore, wrote in January, 1917: "The 2-ton Republic Truck has given me such good service that I am taking this opportunity to tell you about it.

"I am in the coal and carting business. In the summer time I am busy with long distance hauling. Several times last summer I carried loads almost double the capacity of the truck to points beyond Rochester. I do not think there is a truck on the market built to carry the overload that Republics do. Am well satisfied with the Buda motor. Combined with the internal gear drive, it certainly makes a very powerful truck.

"But, last of all, I am pleased with the small up-keep of this truck. So far, I have had very good service from your company."

Below is a slideshow of 13 of the photos of trucks used by Buffalo business. You may choose to move back or forward with the arrows or select the Autoplay feature from the control box in the center bottom of this Flash movie.