Western New York Heritage

Waterfront - Foot of Main Street - 1900-1945

Foot of Main Street, c. 1900. Old D. L. & W. terminal upper center above. Crowd below awaiting the docking of the Americana.

Another view of the foot of Main Street; the old D. L.& W. terminal visible upper left above.

The foot of Main Street, 1936. The 'new' D. L. & W. terminal, visible along the right side of the shore of the river, was constructed in 1913. Raised railroad tracks span lower Main Street.

The foot of Main Street, 1946. The passenger ship Greater Detroit is docked (center) at the Central Wharf; the ship South American is docked at the D. L. & W. terminal at right. The Canadiana is visible near its berth at the terminus of the Commerical slip, upper left.